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Doctors of Internal Medicine focus on adult medicine with special study and training in the prevention and treatment of adult disease.

Based on patients' age, risk factors, lifestyle, and health, we will develop an individualized plan for disease screening. In today's challenging environment where people are living longer and longer preventative care has become big business with the addition of health foods, supplements, drinks, gyms, personal trainers, etc. There is a litany of options out there for people to consider. What is forgotten is having a strategy that is overseen by medical professionals. The concept of Concierge Medicine focuses on a more personal relationship between doctor and patient. Only when a doctor really knows the patient can the best preventative care plan be created. We all want to live longer and be active and do the things we love in life. The Houston physicians of River Oaks Doctors Group can help come up with such a plan to accomplish this goal.

River Oaks Doctors Group

River Oaks Doctors Group

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